Asian Business Angel Forum held in Busan… Participation in 7 Asian countries

Busan = Newsis] Reporter Heo Sang-cheon = Busan City will hold the ‘2020 Asian Business Angel Forum (ABAF), an international event for startup angel investment, at the Paradise Hotel in Busan on the afternoon of the 28th with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Busan Techno Park, and the Korea Angel Investment Association. ‘ and ‘TIPS IR in Busan (TIPS IR)’, an investment briefing session for the selection of TIPS, a startup company in Busan, both online and offline.

TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Start-up) is a private investment-led technology start-up support program hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups that selects start-up teams using private sector capabilities, such as successful ventures, and supports private investment and government R&D.

ABAF is held every year by touring ABAF member countries to expand the domestic and international base of angel investors, build overseas angel investment networks, and support promising venture companies in each country to attract and advance overseas investments. This Busan Forum will be held in Korea for the second time following the one held in Seoul in 2016.

This forum will be held online for the first time ever due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). ABAF representatives, investors, TIPS operators and startups from a total of seven countries, including Korea, Australia, China, New Zealand, India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka, will participate.

In the first part of the day, starting with an opening video introducing Busan, the venue, the opening of the event was announced with congratulatory remarks by Seong-wan Byun, acting mayor of Busan, and Jong-yeol Choi, director of Busan Technopark, followed by Jordan, the Australian representative, ABAF chairman, and Koh Young-ha, president of the Korea Angel Investment Association.

On this day, CEO Oh Jong-hoon, a keynote speaker, was the CEO of Seonbo Angel Partners, a professional investment institution derived from a mid-sized company born in Busan, Seonbo Industry, and presented a new direction to ABAF member countries under the theme of ‘Direction for Asian Angel Investors in the Post-Corona Era’. will present

Subsequently, investor representatives from the seven participating countries shared the trends and current status of angel investment in each country, and Kwon Hyuk-tae, CEO of Coolidge Corner Investment, Busan’s representative TIPS operator and venture capitalist, gave a presentation as a representative of Korea.

In the second part, two startups from each participating country will participate in a company briefing (IR) followed by real-time Q&A. As for Korean companies, NParticle (online platform) and Korea Marine Bio Cluster (bio food) will participate.

After the ABAF event, ‘TIPS IR in Busan’ will be held. The TIPS operator serves as a judge and provides an opportunity to build a network between investors and founders through an IR of excellent startups in Busan. According to the results of the screening, three companies will be selected and presented with the Busan Mayor Award, the Busan Technopark Director Award, and the Korea Angel Investment Association Chairman Award.

Real Maker (CEO Park Joon-hyun), Venderster (CEO No Joo-hyun), Alistar (CEO Shim Yong-soo), Y Polaris (CEO Kim Seung-yeon), Inner Cure (CEO Lee Bong-geun), Koai (CEO Park Kyung-taek), etc. participated in the startup briefing session. do.

Byun Seong-wan, Acting Mayor of Busan, said, “Angel investment for start-up companies to grow innovatively is an important factor that can be supported in various ways by securing mentors called angel investors as well as securing funds.” We will work with the Sanya Asian startup ecosystem to lead the development of Korea’s venture investment ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, this event will be broadcast in real time through the YouTube channel ‘Sentap On Air’, and an event will be held to provide mobile gift certificates to participants who leave questions and comments about the company announcement in the chat window. Pre-application is available through the On Off Mix Events website, and detailed inquiries can be made to the Korea Angel Investment Association.

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We put open communication, working together, and a deep knowledge of what our customers need at the top of our list. 

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