Microfluidics’ Emerging Trends: Revolutionizing Research and Industry

The panorama of scientific research, diagnostics, and numerous sectors has seen a tremendous change in recent years thanks to the discipline of microfluidics. By providing precise control, automation, and shrinking of complicated processes, the science of microfluidics, which deals with fluid manipulation at the microscale, has opened up a wide range of possibilities. Microfluidics is […]

Asian Business Angel Forum held in Busan… Participation in 7 Asian countries

Busan = Newsis] Reporter Heo Sang-cheon = Busan City will hold the ‘2020 Asian Business Angel Forum (ABAF), an international event for startup angel investment, at the Paradise Hotel in Busan on the afternoon of the 28th with the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Busan Techno Park, and the Korea Angel Investment Association. ‘ and […]

[2020 Digital Innovation] Spurring mass production of conductive particles

enParticle (CEO Koh Jung-sang) is a company with platform technology for particle mass production using microfluidic technology, and specializes in micro/nano-sized high value-added particles and capsule materials. Unlike the existing polymer synthesis process, microfluidic technology enables micro-pattern production and precise flow control, so it can continuously produce stable and uniform particles while diversifying its functions. […]