[2020 Digital Innovation] Spurring mass production of conductive particles

enParticle (CEO Koh Jung-sang) is a company with platform technology for particle mass production using microfluidic technology, and specializes in micro/nano-sized high value-added particles and capsule materials.

Unlike the existing polymer synthesis process, microfluidic technology enables micro-pattern production and precise flow control, so it can continuously produce stable and uniform particles while diversifying its functions. In the past, commercialization was difficult due to limited production volume, but NParticle secured the original patent that enables mass production while having the advantages of microfluidic technology.

enParticle established a company-affiliated research institute to enhance its expertise and was recognized for its technology in the evaluation of the Korea Technology Finance Corporation and received the title of venture company within a year of its establishment. Also, based on the patent, it was selected for the TIPS program with investment from the Kite Entrepreneurship Foundation. Currently, a pilot production line with a daily production capacity of 10kg is being built with the goal of mass-producing conductive particles, a key material used for electrode bonding of displays and semiconductor devices.

In addition, through cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and companies, it is expanding its business areas to eco-friendly fields such as vitamin-containing natural material capsules, nanoparticles for diagnosis or drug delivery, and biomaterial microparticles for plastic surgery.


We put open communication, working together, and a deep knowledge of what our customers need at the top of our list. 

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We put open communication, working together, and a deep knowledge of what our customers need at the top of our list. 

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