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enParticle has the meaning of ‘valuing particles’

A platform technology has been created that utilizes microfluidic technology to achieve mass production of particles with consistent sizes.

executive team

Voici the engine that propels our world-class microfluidics

a group of skilled experts whose cumulative expertise and unrelenting dedication to excellence ensure that your project is in the capable hands of those working on it.

For the vision of ‘valuing particles’

The establishment of the company was driven by the conviction that it plays a significant role in enhancing human health through the provision of pharmaceutical manufacturing technology that is both safer and of superior quality.

Microfluidic Formulation Machines are the primary focus of our company

Microfluidic Matters

Innovation Highlights

World-class particle mass production technology

The enCell device, which we have successfully developed and brought to market,
utilizes advanced technology to facilitate the production of mRNA vaccines.

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cost savings

EnCell is trying to develop a clear and comprehensive sustainability strategy.

This strategy should outline the company's commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. Our company's efforts, setting priorities, and driving continuous improvement towards a more sustainable microfluidics solution company.