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enParticle streamlines and expedites the advancement of genetic medicine by integrating all scales into a solitary blending element.

enParticle attains this exceptional scalability by maintaining the critical conditions at the formulation stage, irrespective of the throughput in mL/min or L/hour.


The sole technology capable of producing L/h from a single mixer at mL/min.


With time-invariant particle formation, the results for a broad spectrum of particle types are as reproducible as possible.


The exclusive developer of this technology is PNI.

The Development of Production of Microfluidic Genetic Medicine

The core of the systems is a proprietary enParticle microfluidic mixer that has been purpose-built for the advancement of genetic medicine. Concerns regarding reproducibility were incorporated into the design of our mixer, as scale-up was accomplished through the scale-out of parallel mixers. In contrast, enParticle maintains the signature particle formation conditions that guarantee the most faithful results for an extensive variety of particle types while exceeding the throughput of our mixer by more than 25 times.

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in-line macromixing

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enParticle Microfluidics

The enParticle mixer permits the amplification of complex nanomedicine formulations, including mRNA Lipid Nanoparticles, in a reproducible manner.

Microfluidic enParicle Technology Drives Genetic Medicine

enParicle Mixer Produces mRNA-LNP Equivalents More Efficiently Than the Traditional Mixer

Flow Rate






Encap. (%)

Performance in vivo of mRNA-LNPs synthesized with Classic or enParticle was comparable.

Further Details

Lucferase mRNA-loaded LNPs were synthesized utilizing either Classic or enParticle Mixers. Six hours after receiving one of three doses IV, mice were subsequently injected IP with luciferin. Using bioluminescence as a reporter for gene expression, mice were imaged. Determining significance (p0.05) using an unpaired t-test.

Expanding the Scale of Formulation Challenges via enParticle Technology

Throughout all phases of development, enParticle maintains the same conditions as manufacturing while increasing throughput with a single mixer.

Maintaining The Dimensions And PDI Of POPC/Chol Liposomes On The NanoAssemblr Platform

Construct an Extensive Variety of Formulations

It is possible to optimize liposomes, polymer nanoparticles, and nucleic acid lipid nanoparticles (LNPs).


For instance:

(A) In order to optimize PLGA nanoparticles, the initial polymer concentration was systematically varied. A solution of PLGA dissolved in acetonitrile was combined with water containing 2% PVA at a Flow Rate Ratio of 1:1.

(B) The formulations of liposomes were refined through the methodical manipulation of the Flow Rate Ratio. Lipids were dissolved in ethanol and subsequently combined with PBS buffer at varying Flow Rate Ratios.


At the bench scale, statistically equivalent outcomes were observed in both the Classic and enParticle configurations.

Improve the Ratio of Polymer Nanoparticle Formulations
Lipopolysome Formulation Optimization

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