enCELL Master stands as a testament to research empowerment

enCELL Master

This versatile microfluidic platform serves as a cornerstone for researchers, offering precise control over particle generation for a multitude of applications. From nanoparticle synthesis to bioprocessing, enCELL Master revolutionizes experimentation.

User convenience

• Easy operation
• Lowest sample residue

Reasonable price

• Machine of 55 k$/1EA
• Disposable cartridge of 30$/1EA

Maintenance cost

• Simple operation system
• Robust components

***PNI's problems: high price (equipment/consumables), late response, limited use of solvents
  • Activation of mRNA research / Expansion of the market by securing mass production
  • Reinforcing awareness through presentations at conferences and participation in exhibitions
  • Secure reference sites such as KIST and Seoul National University Cancer Center
  • 50~60% price supply compared to PNI (equipment, consumables)
  • Launched in September 22, 12 units delivered and additional sales in progress
  • No.1 in Korea by 2025
  • PNI’s oligopolistic promotion of overseas market entry
  • Oxford University hospital equipment installation and test bed utilization agreement
  • Oxford University international cooperation MOU signed and PR strengthened through journals
  • European/UK distribution through Geneflow and Quantoom (CE certification)
  • US/Japan (Wase-Gen Collaboration) Securing distribution network (within 23 years)
  • Full-scale participation in exhibitions (CPHI, BIO USA, etc.)
  • Sales target of 30 or more units per year

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EnCell is trying to develop a clear and comprehensive sustainability strategy.

This strategy should outline the company's commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. Our company's efforts, setting priorities, and driving continuous improvement towards a more sustainable microfluidics solution company.